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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brian with Leo Oracion and Pastor Emata

Pocholo with Leo Oracion and Pastor Emata

Leo Oracion and Pastor Emata are reported to be the two strongest climbers of the First Philippine Mount Everest Expedition set to make a climb in 2007. This year is said to be a reconnaisance climb for the whole team which intends to take on Everest next year. The plan is for two groups of climbers to climb from two different points starting from base camp and then eventually meet at the summit. According to their website, such a feat has been attempted by a few climbers but none have succeeded. The team will likewise attempt to have the first ASEAN woman to reach the summit.

During the Recording session of REALITY CHECK. With Mr. Fernando and John Martin.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Dubbers at work!

Pocholo, Benjie and Robert dubbing for Capricorn. Posted by Picasa


The Meteor Garden Guys Reunion. Dubbing of Capricorn. Benjie Dorango, Ryan Ang, Robert B., Christian V., Jayjo, Pocholo. Posted by Picasa

Pocholo interviewed by La Salle Students

Pocholo being interviewed by students from La Salle about Dubbing and Voice Acting. Posted by Picasa

Klariz Magboo dubbs!

Klariz Magboo during her dubbing for one of Creativoices project. Posted by Picasa

Pocholo and Janette of

Pocholo and Janette Toral of giving prizes during I BLOG 2 Summit. Posted by Picasa

Brian and Pocholo at 2nd I BLOG SUMMIT

Brian and Pocholo Talks about Podcasting during the 2nd IBlog Summit in College of Law, U.P. Diliman. Posted by Picasa

Mike and Vicky at Creativoices Productions

Pocholo, Mike E., Vicky M., Luis Manalac of LadyLuck and Brian after the recording of Terra Wars. Posted by Picasa

Mike Enriquez signing the grafitti wall

Mr. Mike Enriquez AVP for Radio of GMA 7 signing his name at ALKEMI PRODUCTIONS. Behind him is Ms. Vicky Morales. He's the voice of the lead character for one of Creativoices project Terra Wars. Posted by Picasa

DUBBING moments

Brian, Virna, Klariz and Charina during the dubbing of a telenovela with one of the worst production house in the world. Posted by Picasa

Host of Yugioh

Brian during his hosting stint of Yugioh together with BANKEE staff. Posted by Picasa

Ako si Haring Kalasyaw ng Little Big Deeds

Brian during his recording of Little Big Deeds. Posted by Picasa


Another Shot. He's really serious about his work and masterpiece. Posted by Picasa

Voice Director Pocholo and Sound Technician Robin

Voice Director Pocholo Gonzales, focuses on his work. He's doing DEMON LORD DANTE where he is also the dubber of the lead character Ryo Utsugi. Posted by Picasa

Kristel as Saori of Demon Lord Dante

Kristel during CREATIVOICES dubbing of DEMON LORD DANTE. Posted by Picasa

Voice Acting and Casting for Animation Talk

Brian during his talk at EastWood, Libis for the Quezon City Jobs Fair. Together with Pocholo, they've talked about voice acting and casting as part of animation process. Seen also on this picture is Ms. Joy Bacon, Executive Director of Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. Posted by Picasa

Pocholo and Brian together with John Martin and Mr. Fernando Ortigas.

Pocholo and Brian during their first meeting with Mr. Fernando Ortigas and British/Australian Animator John Martin at Shangri-la Hotel in Mandaluyong. Posted by Picasa

Pocholo and Mr. Egay Navalta of ASAP.

Pocholo and Mr. Egay Navalta, veteran Voice Talent and President of Association of Advertising Suppliers of the Philippines (ASAP) Mentor of Creativoices Productions. Posted by Picasa

Pocholo and Zed of Sound Design

Pocholo and his Friend and Caster of Sound Design Productions, Zed after his recording of one of his radio commercials. Posted by Picasa