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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The VoiceMaster inspires TSU students

You know that the VoiceMaster is speaking when you see the crowd, no matter how big it is, starts to go crazy. The audience gets wild while they ask for more.

 photo 1120128_10153093358615545_1311913967_o_zpsc43fdc4c.jpg

That was what happened when the VoiceMaster gave a talk at the Tarlac State University during the first Regional Business Forum hosted by the said university in partnership with ComGuild, August 3.

  photo 1146121_10153093356975545_118174019_o_zpsbebad0c7.jpg

There, he was able to inspire hundreds of students from the said institution.

 photo 1078924_10153093352880545_1151753477_o_zps95405775.jpg

It was just one of the many successful speaking engagements of the VoiceMaster. Watch out and be updated with the latest talks of the country's one and only VoiceMaster, Mr. Pocholo Gonzales.

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