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CreatiVoices Productions is an audio production house established in 2005 by Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales. It has a vision of becoming the Philippines’ First Ever Center of Voice Over Excellence in Asia.

CreatiVoices Team:


He is the Managing Director/CEO of CreatiVoices. Gonzales is the overall in-charge of all production and operations. He directs customer relations and serves as the “connection” between customers, voice over actors, and translators. Aside from being a managing director, Gonzales is also a Youth Advocate and a Personal Branding Expert.


With more than 15 years experience in the professional audio field as a DJ and sound engineer in recording post production for radio, Ligsay is the Marketing Director of CreatiVoices. He handles all sound engineering issues, supervises maintenance, and oversees projects in which various technologies are combined.

Production Team

Our editing suites are equipped with technologically advanced production equipment and a highly qualified team to run it.

Peter Baltazar: Assistant Sound Engineer/Technical Assistant/IT Professional
Jela Krista Lee: Marketing Associate/Event Coordinator
Chai Alijaga : Executive Secretary/Talent Coordinator
Roemina Deocareza : Content and Creative Writer
Rowell Domasig: Production Assistant

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