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Monday, August 27, 2007

VoiceWorx! Update: It's coming!

Basic Voice Acting Workshop!
Hi There!
Only 2 weeks to go to our next Voiceworx! Seminar.. Its happening on September 8, 2007. The good news is, we have 7 more slots left (4 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, REGULAR Classes) for you to take part in the most intensive and result oriented voiceacting workshop ever. It has never been this exciting! This is your chance to take hold of your career in Voiceacting or maybe just improve how people understand you by the way you talk. Remember the voice always makes the best impression!
To register, simply drop by at the studio at the 3rd floor Left Wing Lightblue Bldg. 1745 Dian St. Palanan Makati City. For directions on how to get there you can check our online map here.
If the link doesn't work, copy this to your browser:
Or call 729-7274 or text 0919-5731714 for directions.
Business Unusual

CreatiVoices is working with ARIVA! Events Management for the first HR Philippines Convention 2007, this event features HR Managers and personnel talking about the newest trend and development in finding the right people for that dream job. To be held on August 29, 2007 at the CSB Hotel International Conference Center, Dela Salle College of Saint Benilde. For more information about this you can log on to: The website greeting is our very own Brian Ligsay (who also did - with Ayeen Pineda,, and others). The Ariva team was definitely surprised with the swift, professional and accurate production of this commercial which took no more than 5 hours to accomplish! The 30s commercial is still being aired over 99.5 HIT FM, 91.5 ENERGY FM and shown over UNTV 37 (UHF). Word is out - please watch our friends from ARIVA! tomorrow over University TV Skycable 21, between 6-9am, they will be interviewed by Daniel Razon of "Good Morning Kuya" LIVE! Goodluck to you guys!

Other upcoming events sponsored by CreatiVoices is the GO-NEGOSYO series of events, and recently CreatiVoices has been spotted over FUDGE Magazine August Edition (Bamboo Cover), where the dynamic duo talks about dubbing and voice performance, trends and developments. Something that will definitely help you learn more about the world of Voice Overs. The magazine also features legendary dubber - Junie Gamboa and old time dubbing director - Mely Tagasa, known by many as "Ms. Tapia" of Iskul Bukul.

Finally Brian and Choy will be hosting the PMA - GMM, this Wednesday. The Philippine Marketing Association is the largest, oldest and the most credible business organization in the Philippines. It boasts more than 2000 members and has been around for more than 50 years in the country. Ofcourse, CreatiVoices is proud to be a corporate member of this association.
The Other Side
CreatiVoices did an unprecedented feat with the graduation of our June 23 batch, last August 18. Held at RedBox, Greenbelt 3 Makati City. The guys were singing, performing and it was the re-launching of the Society of Young Voice Artist of the Philippines You can learn more about the group and see their wacky and graduation pictures by visiting the site at

Happy birthday to one our beloved instructors - Danny Mandia, who celebrated a lovely birthday bash, last Friday at his beloved home in Sikatuna, QC. It was attended by close friends, voice actors and directors, artists and producers from the TV scene. Again, congratulations and Happy Birthday, Tito Dan!

Finally, watch out for the VOICEWORX! Commercial on HERO TV Channel 44 (on Sky and Home cable). Thanks to JP, Carlo, and Sir Ruel for making this happen. If you're a HEROTV club member, be sure to register because discounts and surprises awaits you! With that we're definitely sure, this batch will be filled with registrants in no time at all! So hurry up before slots run out!

Voiceover Tip of the Week
Keep it Cotton! Whenever performing behind the microphone in a "dead environment" (studio booth), make sure you keep away from noisy clothing, as this might ruin a great take. Voice actors always move and needs to react to act. Therefore wearing noisy fabric, such as nylon or wool, might affect the quality of the recording. Also, refrain from using dangling accessories and too much "BLING". They always produce unwanted noise that you don't want interfering with your performance. Remember microphones in these places, can pick up even the tiniest bubbles in your saliva, so check your outfit first - keep it clean and simple, and we don't suggest you perform naked either!

Most of all keep your outfit smart and comfortable, true you are getting paid by the way you speak and not by the way you dress. But producers are always on the lookout for healthy outputs and great appearance!

Stay tuned for more Updates on the voiceover world with CyberVoice!
May the Voice be with you,
VoiceWorx! Team
Voice Over Solutions Expert and Services

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New VoiceWorx sched opens!

CreatiVoices Announces its New Schedule for VoiceWorx!

After the successful campaign and overwhelming response to the voice acting workshop, CreatiVoices announces its new schedule for the next VoiceWorx classes. The said workshop offers newbie’s and enthusiasts to learn the craft and maybe jumpstart their career in Voice acting and dubbing.

"It's more than I expected," says Kish, one student who took the voice acting classes because of his hobby for anime. "Kinakabahan ako, na nakakatuwa.. ganun pala kahirap yun, pero napag-aaralan! (I was nervous and happy at the same time.. it’s that difficult, but you can learn it)," adds Patrick, who learned his new found abilities with his voice. The students had their first dubbing experience as early as the 4th session of the seminar. In one occasion they we’re even sent to other recording studios for audition opportunities, maximizing their potential as a voice talent.

Voice acting is an art, and with voiceworx the class had actual hands-on training, they work with the microphone on real recording sessions. “Gusto natin matuto din silang mag-sulat for Dubbing, (We want them to also learn about translation for dubbing),” Neil Tolentino says. The known Director-Writer for Telenovela adds it is important that dubbers not only know how to act, but to know how to say their lines properly for television audiences. Tolentino teaches in one of the session for the workshop and assign the trainees in actual dubbing sessions at ABS-CBN.

Neil Tolentino teaches them what to write for acting

Aside from the theoretical applications of the art, they learned of the importance of a craft that has sustained commercials for TV and Radio, including radio dramas/stories handed over for generations. Danny Mandia, a veteran actor-director for dubbing and theater exclaims, “This is the best venue to learn about voice acting and dubbing, you just can’t jump into it without learning the basics… Kung hindi, hindi ka mapapansin at hindi ka makakakuha ng trabaho dito, lalo na kung baguhan ka. (If not, you won’t be noticed, and you will not be able to land a job in this field especially if you’re just starting)” Mandia adds his expertise to the seminar, by sharing his experiences and actual dubbing practices – known in the industry as the “Father of all dubbers,” as many would call him.

Danny Mandia mentors them on dubbing

Gustong gusto ko si Sir Alexx (I like Sir Alexx the best)”, says Michael one of the students who had experiences of difficulty communicating his feelings. He adds that voice acting really helped him develop self-confidence, he is now able to talk more casually and confidently, auditioning roles for telenovela and even animation. “Importante sa lahat yung puso sa performance (It is the heart which is the most important in a performance),” comments Alexx Agcaoili. Hailing from theater and born leader in the industry of dubbing, Agacaoili examines each of the talent’s potential and harnesses their creativity to bring them into character in a performance. His works include directorial for tagalized versions of Inu Yasha, Fruits Basket, GI Joe, Duel Masters, RAVE Master, Mobile Suit Gundam, Rouruni Kenshin, and hundreds of others, including the role of Sanchai’s father in the popular series Meteor Garden being shown in GMA7.

Students do the MOVE under Alex Agacaoili's (not shown here) session

Joy takes cue from Alexx Agacoili (right) on delivering lines with your body

“But that’s not all voiceovers do,” says Brian Ligsay, Director for VoiceWorx. “Voice actors can also do AVPs, live events, narration, audio book, podcasting, telephony prompts, multimedia, internet application and so much more.. “ he adds. CreatiVoices aims to bridge producers and voiceovers in the Philippines by providing a venue for outsourcing talents.

Brian Ligsay directs at VoiceWorx

“With more than 200 Voiceovers talents, we can be sure our client gets the best voice for the project,” comments Pocholo Gonzales, co-founder of CreatiVoices Productions. This month the dynamic duo is featured in FUDGE Magazine, talking about their aims to professionalize an industry with the help of bright new talents. CreatiVoices have also been recently featured in Jessica Soho Reports, Y SPEAK, RPN NEWS, Kabuhayang Swak na Swak and 100 % Pinoy.

Pocholo Gonzales being interviewed at Jessica Soho Reports

The new VoiceWorx classes open this September 8, 2007, and as expected there will be a flock of inquiries and reservations for a tight 10-student per class. It runs for 8 sessions, about 2-3 hours each every Saturday. There is a morning and afternoon class to choose from. The seminar fee is only Php 8,000 for two months, you can do a reservation fee of P1,000 to guarantee your seat and pay half of the seminar fee on September 8. The balance you can pay on the 4th session, which is after 1 month of training.

Students dub at ABS-CBN

The gang wait for their turn at the mic at ABS-CBN

Two directors at work - Neil Tolentino on console, and Brian Ligsay behind the mic at ABS-CBN

For more pictures, videos and more details you can visit their website at:, or call them up at 729-7274 during office hours, you can also email:, or

Hurry now and join VoiceWorx! – Basic Voiceacting and Dubbing Workshop. You too can learn and benefit from the art of voice acting!