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Saturday, June 11, 2011

'Graduation is not the end.'

“This is not the end. In fact, this is just the beginning,” Mr. Pocholo Gonzales, the CEO of CreatiVoices Productions said during the graduation of VoiceWorx16, June 11 at the Red Box Greenbelt 5.

After two months of intensive yet fun-filled training under reputable and well-known voice over artists in the country which started on April 9, the nineteen individuals who uplifted their passions for the art form finished the VoiceWorx! Basic Dubbing and Voice Acting Workshop.

Like what Mr. Gonzales said, this graduation might seem to be and end since it marked the end of the workshop but this, in fact, was more of a new beginning. He even testified that it is after this mark that doors would start opening for the graduates for whatever the world of voice acting saves for them.
This was also assured by Ms. Gabrielle Tiongson, a graduate of VoiceWorx1 and the special guest in the event. Ms. Tiongson, one of the most in-demand dubbers of ABS-CBN stressed in her speech that it was after graduation that opportunities really start coming which means that graduation, therefore, is really a start.

Apart from the awarding of certificates led by Mr. Gonzales and Voicewox Director Brian Ligsay, the graduates also prepared some presentations which showcased their learning in the said workshop. The Morning class presented a skit about making voices while the Afternoon class mimicked different TV commercials and connected them in order to create an entire story.

The graduates, inspite of being aware that there really are a lot of things to miss about the workshop were still smiling at the end of the day for like what they were able to hear from their speakers, it is not the end. Instead, they are all hopeful that it is just the beginning of their journey in the world of voice acting, an art form where their fully-baked passions already are in.

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