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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A bright start for a challenging session with Papa Neil Tolentino

The silence was immediately broken as he entered the workshop room, as if carrying the sun with him. The next thing we knew, everything was just so bright.

It was his never-changing wits, perhaps. Unsurprisingly, it was never short to awaken the mind of the participants who were there for the fifth session of Voiceworx which is devoted to scriptwriting and translating.

Actually, this was a blessing in disguise. The lesson for the day was not easy, after all as the real thing is not easy in fact. Papa Neil even emphasized the importance of the writer s’ role in the industry of dubbing for according to him, these writers are the minds behind the lines every dubber throws. So, it was just a perfect match—a bright morning, warm up for a challenging session.

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