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Saturday, August 06, 2011

More Fun and Challenges with The Supremo

“Embe dodo/ moja pesa/ Ukienda Shamba/ Bili Kwa Pesa”
Don’t get it wrong. It is not a witchcraft chant. Instead, these phrases are the lyrics of the round song which Mr. Alexx “The Supremo” Agcaoili asked the VoiceWorx participants to sing as the opening activity for the 6th session of VoiceWorx.
This day, devoted to acting, was surely something worth all the excitement.
Packed with lots of acting activities, this sessioan was a perfect way to help the participants fully let go of their own selves and be more confident in performing. It was also a way for them to also realize more that voice acting, as an art, works best with proper acting and is not just about the quality of the voice.

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