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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here, we don’t just ask you to make coffee…

We’ve been hearing a lot of stories of students who complain about their tasks when they are having their internship. Some of them say that they do not really learn for instead of being involved in the business, they are just asked to make coffee, act like a messenger, and even operate the photocopying machine.

Here are CreatiVoices Productions, we make sure that you have a real-time experience during your OJT days. Because we believe that involving you in the real business would help you to learn more about how the real world works, we want to give you the chance to feel how it is to be a part of our team and work with us like a professional. Not just that, we also like you to experience working with well-known people not just in the world of voice acting but in different fields. Also, we make sure that you learn not just the things you have to learn about your field but also things that you can use in your everyday life.

If you are majoring in Mass Communication (or other equivalent courses) and looking for a complany in which you can have your internship, it is your chance to have the ultimate CreatiVoices Productions experience. Just email your resume to

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