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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Having the real feel with ‘Ama’

Being hands on is the key. Since the world of voice acting, most particularly dubbing, is what really intrigues and piques the curiosity of people, it is indeed a great chance for anyone to have a glimpse of what dubbers do in real life. And how about trying to feel it?


 Just last January 28, VoiceWorx 19 attendees were able not just to take a peek but also to have the feel of what it is like to dub a material under the supervision of the one and only Mr. Danny ‘Ama’ Mandia, a reputable and well-experienced dubbing director for ABS-CBN.


 Since Ama wanted to make the session more of ‘hands on’ instead of just being theoretical, he decided to let them try what it is like to be in the business  by undergoing the same processes people in the industry undergo in reality from the preparation of the script to the dubbing proper.


 In the process, it was apparent that many students were both nervous and excited. They were also able to feel some kind of stress and adrenaline but nevertheless, conquered everything with a sense of fulfillment.

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