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Thursday, April 04, 2013

VoiceMaster gets interviewed by Cheche Lazaro

Past ten in the morning, the silence inside the CreatiVoices Productions studio was broken as the door opened. Someone came in and introduced herself, said that she was from ABS-CBN. Yes, people were prepared for it. Everyone was informed about the interview the day before. But what surprised the people around, most especially the VoiceMaster himself, was the fact that Cheche Lazaro was actually the one to conduct the interview.

That was it. The team set up. Not so long, Cheche Lazaro arrived. And the interview began. It revolved around The VoiceMaster being a creator of campaign jingles during election season. It will be featured in a special documentary to be aired on ABS-CBN.

 photo 893336_10151380739907087_1728181969_o_zps5a92da54.jpg 

 photo 903165_10151380734132087_534618999_o_zps5e42a665.jpg

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