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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The VoiceMaster gives a talk to DOH Center for Health Development 3

 photo 969757_10152842970195545_1326080327_n_zpsa3a012a3.jpg The VoiceMaster gave a talk to the Department of Health Center for Health Development 3 during the MDG 6 Convention last March 22 at Holiday Inn, Clark Freeport, Pampanga.  photo may22_zps18ee4369.jpg The said event had the theme of "Scaling up the combat against HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, and other infectious disease."

The VoiceMaster appers on ABS-CBN's 'Ang Tipo kong Kandidato'

The VoiceMaster was featured on ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs' "Ang Tipo kong Kandidato," a Kampanyaserye Documentary hosted by Ms. Cheche Lazaro. He was interviewed regarding his constant contribution to the Philippine Election as a top pick voice for campaign advertisements and jingles.

VoiceMaster talks about social media in branding

 photo 943333_10152848665110545_536572473_n_zps4efcfc65.jpg

The VoiceMaster was invited to talk about social media in branding at the Yupangco group, May 23.

Friday, May 24, 2013

How The VoiceMaster and CreatiVoices Changed My Life

It’s been two years since I first set a foot here at CreatiVoices Productions.
I was 19 then, a junior creative writing major from UP Diliman. Believe it or not, it was a time when I was still clueless about my future, uncertain about where my passion for writing would lead me. In fact, I was kind of doubting if I’d ever get a chance to use it after graduation. As I was told by some over and over, “walang pera sa pagsusulat.” I believed that. I also knew that, if that was the case, then I’d just probably forget about writing and turn to other things that would be more profitable. I’d always need money for food, after all.
Everything changed when I met the VoiceMaster, the one and only Pocholo Gonzales.
It was a hot April afternoon, some days after I received a Facebook message he sent me, inviting me to write for his company. I did not know anything about him at first (although his name really sounded familiar). But when I came to see him and knew about his background, I was so amused.
“Anong gusto mong gawin?” He asked me.
“Magsulat po,” I replied.
And that was it. Not even thinking about any compensation, I accepted a project. And that was to write for and about his company, CreatiVoices Productions.
So I started writing stuff on the site. From time to time, I also wrote stuff about the VoiceMaster himself. Weeks passed by and I got the hang of it. I also met different people there (like voice artists and dubbers) and even got involved with some of their projects. And of course, I got paid.
June came and I became fonder of working with everyone. It was so enjoyable plus I got to learn a lot of new things. (The VoiceMaster taught me lessons on website and online reputation management among other things.)
 photo cv1_zps9e01d643.jpg
CreatiVoices Productions Team, including me.
Then, one day, he just asked me to try writing a script for a corporate AVP. At first, I was nervous and uncertain. I was not a mass communication major in the first place. Yet, despite my lack of training, he trusted me. He even taught me some basics and gave me links to sources from which I could learn things about AVP scripts.
 photo villar_zps80168e83.jpg
While interviewing Mrs. Henepbuhay, Sen. Cynthia Villar.
It was when I finally realized that my writing skills could bring me somewhere. It was never useless. In fact, it enabled me to finance my own education for my last two years in college. It was also through this that I earned money for my daily expenses, a proof that as long as you follow your heart and do what you love doing, everything else follows–even money.
 photo ona_zps4b5e912f.jpg
While interviewing DOH Secretary Ona for the NKTI PPP Project AVP that was shown in Switzerland.
Now, I have already created so many AVP scripts. In fact, one of the projects I worked on already reached as far as the UN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. It was also through all these experiences that I was able to meet and work with different people, including some big names in different industries and fields.
 photo college_zps8c52e7ec.jpg
Marching with Pride. Although not a cum laude, I graduated with a bang: Six-page resume and several writing experiences, not so bad for a fresh grad.
And the thing is, I am just 21 and I just graduated from college. Yet, I have already achieved all of these. I’ve had other several writing experiences, too. I’ve already published works (on print and on line) and I believe that it was my experience here at CreatiVoices that gave me the guts to try these things. The VoiceMaster and CreatiVoices inspired me to trust my abilities and try different venues to share my passion for writing.
Now, I still work as a writer here. I also work for an SEO Company, for which I did not a have a hard time applying, thanks to all of my experiences. I’ve a wider network as well, which has been helpful so far.
Honestly, I don’t think I’d be able to do all these things if it weren’t for CreatiVoices Productions and Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales who gave his trust to me and believe in my capabilities despite my age. Indeed, it’s been a manifestation that it’s not about the age; instead, it’s about what you can do.
Originally published on mina sees the world.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, VoiceMaster!

The VoiceMaster just turned 34 last May 7.

 photo choy34_zps2a016eb3.jpg

Pochology @ 34: Still still young and wild and free. For him, it's been another year filled with blessings and achiements--he has gone places, met great people, and worked on several big projects. With all these, indeed, there's more than enough reason to celebrate.

 photo poolparty_zps8c506943.jpg

Happy Birthday, VoicesMaster! Keep on rocking! Last May 5, the CreatiVoices Family had a summer pool party where everyone got to relax, enjoy, and celebrate The VoiceMaster's birthday in advance.

 photo may71_zps08cd1bf9.jpg

Welcoming another year with a bang. And last May 7, there was another party organized by the awesome interns of CreatiVoices Productions. For sure, another great year awaits the VoiceMaster; another year for him to do well, make a difference, and help other people.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Join VoiceWorx 25!

VoiceWorx25 photo voiceworx25_zpsfc84871b.jpg

Here at CreatiVoices, we help you realize your dreams of becoming a voice artist. We prepare you by making sure that you get the proper training on how you should use your voice to give life to different applications. We boost your confidence, too, and we help you develop your personality--all these, we do under the supervision of the country's best voice artists. And when you are done with all the necessary training, we make you a part of the big and still growing group of young voice artists. With them, you can learn a lot of things and even make new friends. Sounds interesting, right? Call us now at (02) 239-6468 and join the 25th Batch of VoiceWorx: Voice Acting and Dubbing Workshop!