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Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, VoiceMaster!

The VoiceMaster just turned 34 last May 7.

 photo choy34_zps2a016eb3.jpg

Pochology @ 34: Still still young and wild and free. For him, it's been another year filled with blessings and achiements--he has gone places, met great people, and worked on several big projects. With all these, indeed, there's more than enough reason to celebrate.

 photo poolparty_zps8c506943.jpg

Happy Birthday, VoicesMaster! Keep on rocking! Last May 5, the CreatiVoices Family had a summer pool party where everyone got to relax, enjoy, and celebrate The VoiceMaster's birthday in advance.

 photo may71_zps08cd1bf9.jpg

Welcoming another year with a bang. And last May 7, there was another party organized by the awesome interns of CreatiVoices Productions. For sure, another great year awaits the VoiceMaster; another year for him to do well, make a difference, and help other people.

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