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Saturday, July 27, 2013

CreatiVoices welcomes VoiceWorx 25 participants

In time for the rainy season, CreatiVoices Productions welcomed participants of VoiceWorx
 25 with warmth, July 6.

  photo v25d15_zps0b0e7fd6.jpg

A total of 28 individuals, including students, professionals from different fields, and voice over practitioners who want to have formal training on voice acting, joined forces and accepted the challenged. They embarked on a journey to learning the art of voice acting that will last for two months.

  photo v25d14_zps736c3068.jpg

And to start this new journey right, they had an orientation. Pocholo "The VoiceMaster" Gonzales and Brian Ligsay were the facilitators for the day.

 photo v25d11_zps129a3fab.jpg

And of course, they were given some instructions on what to do for the next two months. These were some things they have to remember and practice so they can perform well in the course of the training. Of course, it would be better if they would continue doing them even after the training.

  photo v25d12_zps75a3b635.jpg

Besides orientation, they also had their initial recording. It was some sort of diagnostics for them so the instructors would know on which aspect to focus for each participant. It was also their first encounter with the microphone, which would be their best friend for the next two months.

  photo v25d13_zps311c3a38.jpg

And since friendship also matters, they had some sort of "getting to know you" activity. It was for them to be more comfortable working with each other. Indeed, it was a great way to welcome the workshop participants.

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