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Search Talent by Language FIND VOICE TALENT –>Find your Creative Voice – detail your requirements and click “SUBMIT”: whether you need Mandarin, Croatian, Arabic, German or New Zealand English…male or female, to hear a demo in the Creative Voice for your project. Then click QUOTE for a quick quote If in doubt – no worries. We’ll recommend a voice talent for your project. How it works Finding voice actors was never easier. Thousands of voice talents are on display through an abundance of online networks and internet communities. Anyone with a microphone, a laptop and internet access can offer you voice services. No statutory requirements apply to offering voice over services and there is no controlling body vouching for the quality of the voice over products you purchase. CreatiVoices is your quality gatekeeper ensuring that only experienced voice over professionals with pro studios are assigned for your project. Rest assured that no unskilled rookies with mediocre recording equipment will be assigned to your project. Here’s how it works: SELECT How to order a voice recording It’s very easy to order a voice recording from VoiceArchive. You are just a few easy steps away from receiving a high quality voice recording done by a professional voice artist. Select language (optional) Select language from the drop down menu under “Search Voice Actors” in the main menu, press “Go” and your list of choice is displayed. Listen to voices and select voice artist (optional) We have male and female voice actors in all languages. Most of them have a commercial and a corporate demo with sound bites of their different styles. All demos are available for immediate mp3 download/sharing. Recommended female voice actors (marked with a star) are your best value choice. If in doubt – no worries. We’ll recommend a voice talent for your project. APPROVE Send enquiry Once you have found the right voices for your project, simply fill in the required information in the Free Quote form on your right. NOTE: Even if you don’t want to settle for specific voice actors at this point we can still quote you an approx. price for your project. Quote from CreatiVoices Within a few business hours you will receive a free and nonbinding quote from VoiceArchive. Inquiries received after hours of operation are processed first thing in the morning. If your project is of a complex nature, we will contact you for further information and subsequently send you a quote asap. Book voice actor When your script is ready for recording, we will book the voice actor and send him/her all relevant information about your project (e.g. script, directions on tone, style and tempo, video, etc.). DOWNLOAD Recording All our voice artists record in a professional sound studio. VoiceArchive applies a comprehensive quality assessment process, including a sound quality check of equipment, settings, studio acoustics etc. before voice actors are approved and uploaded to our database. Delivery Once your recording is completed, post produced and quality-assessed by our sound engineer, an audio file in the requested format is ready for you to download from our fully automated file transfer system that will generate and forward a download notification the instant your file is ready. Usually within 1-2 business days.

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