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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

V-Force! Voice Acting Workshop 4!

Lets be Great in 2008!
Join VoiceWorx 4!
Its the most comprehensive workshop on Voice Acting and Dubbing for Telenovelas and Anime!
Starting this April 12, 2008 you can be part of an 8-week long seminar that will do wonders for the way you speak and perform. If you've always wanted to become a dubber for telenovelas and anime, or improve how people listen to you speak, then this is the way to go!

VoiceWorx! now on its fourth run, brings you the force of voiceacting within reach. Learn the art of voice overs in a fun environment, guaranteed to bring out the creative juices within you. See how do it..

This 2month Voice acting course guarantees to perk up that personality in your voice!

Listen to what people are saying!
"I have never found anything close to what CreatiVoices has offered, thanks to VoiceWorx! I feel more confident in speaking up and performing behind the microphone.." - Jeff Marty Dimaano, 1st batch VoiceWorx!, now also a regular dubber and President of SYVAP
"This has definitely opened up new ideas on what I can do with my voices!.." - Gabrielle Tiongson, barely 18 years old when she took the seminar, now a regular voice talent at ABS-CBN.
"I'm proud of what I have accomplished with my voice, and with the help of CreatiVoices.." - Jo Carol Fernandez, 1st place winner of H3 Dubbing Competition and now lead role dubber: "NANA" in the animated series "BOKURA GA ITA"

"I landed the job of Official Voiceover at Manny Pacquiao's Show, Pinoy Records!.."
- Heinie Hartendorp, former Radio jock, turned professional voice actor.
"Thanks to you guys, I'm one of the cast of the English dubbed Version of Maging Sino Ka Man.." - Pia Serrapio, doing several voice gigs since she last attended VoiceWorx!

"Definitely more than what you bargained for.. much, much more..!" -
Zaphael N. Berenguer, doing live VO gigs, Telenovela translations and actual dubbing sessions.
More testimonials at:
How do you join?!
Just make a P1000 reservation fee (non-refundable) to guarantee your seat for the following V4 CLASS SCHEDULES:

Regular Classes:
Once a week, every Saturdays.
Starting April 12, 2008

r1 Class A: (5 more seats left!)
Sessions 1,2,3 10:00am - 12:00nn
Sessions 4,5,6 9:00am - 12:00nn
Sessions 7 & 8 10:00am - 12:00nn
r2 Class B: (4 more seats left!)
Sessions 1,2,3 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Sessions 4,5,6 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Sessions 7 & 8 2:00pm - 4:00pm

For more details about this workshop, sign-up now by clicking on the link below:
Or copy and paste this link to your browser:

You can also drop by at our office and pay in partial or full. The P1000 reservation fee will be deducted from your Seminar fee of P8000.00.
The good news is you can now pay bank to bank. Please make the reservation fee or downpayment to the following account:
Acct Name : Pocholo Gonzales/CreatiVoices Productions
Bank : Bank of the Philippine Islands ( BPI)
Branch : Buendia-Dian
Acct. No. : 3716-8607-58
After which kindly fax us a bank statement with your contact details (name,address, mobile, email) at 729-7274 depositing the said amount. Also please indicate your choice of class schedule, R1 or R2. You can also email us a copy of the scanned statement at

If you wish to pay in full or may a downpayment of 50% this is also possible.

To register offline, simply drop by at the studio at the 3rd floor Left Wing Lightblue Bldg. 1745 Dian St. Palanan Makati City. For directions on how to get there you can check our online map here.
If the link doesn't work, copy this to your browser:
There is a google map of CreatiVoices studios at the page link above, so you can easily find the exact location of the seminar area.
For directions on how to get to our workshop you may call: (632) 729.7274 or 970.0971 (from 9am - 6pm, Mon-Fridays only)
Visit our website at and
Let's Be Great this 2008!
More information!!!
What is a Voice-Over?

" A voice over is any recording or performance by one or more unseen voices for the purpose of communicating a message" – James Alburger. Any message you hear without seeing the performer is considered to be voice-over. This means voice-over is all around us! Whether you are listening to the radio, watching movies or television, dining at your fast food restaurant or riding the rail transit, voice-overs can be heard!

Is doing Voice-overs hard?

Voice-overs can actually be done by anyone! And it's a very rewarding job indeed. A lot of Voice Talents are being paid to play and many professional voice-overs get their kick out of the industry just by enjoying what they do. Anybody can do a voice-over, but not everybody can do voice acting.

So what is Voice Acting?

Voice acting is an art. And like all other art forms it has tools and techniques which must be mastered in order for you to succeed in the level of success you want to deserve. Its about finding the kid in you. It requires dedication and passion for doing Voice-over jobs, and lots of patience to master the skills. True, not everyone can do voice acting, but anybody can benefit from learning how it works. In fact, many of the students in Creativoices Clinic don't pursue voice-over jobs, but need the voice acting skills to further themselves in their chosen field.

How do I benefit from Voice Acting lessons?

If you want to break into the world of voice-overs, then voice acting is a must for you. By knowing how to express yourself properly, you can create real and believable characters for commercials, narrations, radio drama and most especially animation. With voice acting you can liven up a conversation and get the attention you want, whether its on a business or a personal level. If you or your job requires you to:

1. Communicate with other people on the same or higher business level.
2. Prepare Scripts, Write-ups or Citations for Productions
3. Talk to customers or clients and close business deals fast and efficient.
4. Constantly talk to other people and associates by way of declamation, speech or impromptu performance.
5. Or maybe you love to sing, host or perform for an audience.
6. Express yourself in a creative and entertaining manner.

Who can do Voice-Acting?

Anyone who needs to talk can communicate better when he/she uses voice acting techniques. Which means that even salespersons, promodizers, carpenters, engineers, attorneys, teachers, draftsmen, doctors, nurses, utility personnel, front desk officers, etc.. can learn voice acting, and benefit from expressing or communicating properly and creatively, with their peers.

What about Creativoices Clinic?

Creativoices Clinic is one of the departments of Creativoices Productions – the premier voice over solutions provider in the country. And it is now offering the Creative Voice Acting Workshop, the only one of its kind in the Philippines today. There are many voice acting schools abroad and many Voice talents offering "experience" based teaching, but none offers a detailed and thorough application and training by book and modules like Creativoices Clinic.

What do I expect from the training?

In Creative Voice Acting Workshop, you'll get:

1. Personalized, one on one voice coaching and training throughout the workshop - from real and credible Voice Acting Professionals
2. Information you need to know to become a successful voice actor and communicator.
3. Create real and believable characters from within you and learn how to bring them back when needed.
4. Training materials and assignments to keep you at pace with the workshop and rapidly develop your voice acting skills.
5. Professional Critiques to hear and identify your voice qualities and problems.
6. Knowledge on how to self-market and promote your talent, professionally.

How does it work?

The workshop lasts for about 2-3 intensive hours each session, once a week. There are 3 training modules divided into 8 sessions and categories:

Session 1: The Voice That Works
Session 2: Starting Over – What it takes to be a voice talent
Session 3: Accents, Dictions, Variety, Articulation and Movement. How to Create Voices.
Session 4: Translation and Effective Dubbing delivery
Session 5: Creating interesting and unique character voices for Dubbing
Session 6: Actors acting. Working with Dubbing dialogues and multi-voice copies.
Session 7: Fine tuning your performance, Dubbing Sessions and VO Best Kept Secrets
Session 8: One-on-One Mock Auditions with Critique board and Q & A forum

How do I Join?
Sign-up now by clicking on the link below:
Or copy and paste this link to your browser:

You can also drop by at our office and pay in partial or full. The P1000 reservation fee will be deducted from your Seminar fee of P8000.00.
Visit us:
If the link doesn't work, copy this to your browser:
There is a google map of CreatiVoices studios at the page link above, so you can easily find the exact location of the seminar area.
For directions on how to get to our workshop you may call: (632) 729.7274 or 970.0971 (from 9am - 6pm, Mon-Fridays only)
Visit our website at and

How much does it cost?

For the whole program the total cost is Php 8,000 only. 50% down payment and the remaining balance on the 4th session. It includes fees for the instructor, venue and training materials. A one time, non-refundable reservation fee of Php 1000.00 will guarantee your seat. Students may also take advantage of the referral program.

What is the referral program?

For a limited time only, students can now avail of this special program. Please review the terms and conditions carefully.

1. Applicants must be 18 years old and above and residing in the Philippines.
2. Application forms for the referral program must be fully completed.
3. Only Workshop students may apply for the referral program.
4. Applicants will get Php 1,000 per successful referral.
5. Incentives may be in form of cash or deferred through the candidate's course. Which means if you get 8 successful referrals, you study the whole program for FREE.
6. Incentives can only be claimed if the referrals has paid in full.
7. There are no limits to referrals, and students may still avail of the program even after the course.
8. Creativoices Productions reserves the right to terminate or revoke any referral program at any given time.

Schedule of Training and Workshop

Start of Classes will be on April 12, 2008 (Saturday) and every Saturday thereof:

1st class – 10:00 am to 12:00 noon
2nd class – 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
If you have already registered/reserved your seat, then congratulations! This is your first step to that much awaited success in voice acting! We'll see you in our studio soon!

May the voice be with you!

Brian Ligsay
VoiceWorx! Director

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finding Their Voice

Finding Their Voice

Creativoices opens new doors for the local voice talent industry

By Anne P. Dela Cruz
Creativoices, founded by Pocholo Gonzales and Brian Ligsay (first and second from right, respectively), is the top provider of prequalified and professional voice artists in the Philippines

In addition to high-tech imagery and visuals, using Hollywood stars’ voices to give life to lead characters has become a big attraction for animated films. And these talents—like Bruce Willis as the raccoon RJ in Over the Hedge—corner a big chunk of the films’ production cost.

This is not the case in the Philippines, however. Here, talents are paid a measly sum for the use of their voices. Creativoices is out to change this, though, with its mission to develop the local voice talent industry and provide voice talents what they truly deserve.

Voice of Opportunity

Before Creativoices, Pocholo Gonzales was already making a name for himself as a voice talent, while his friend Brian Ligsay was a deejay who was also doing some voiceover work on the side. Seeing how lucrative the business was, the two friends set up Uni Voices, a fully equipped studio that offered all types of voiceover requirements to clients. The business, however, was short-lived as the cost of maintaining a studio was too steep.

Together with some friends, Pocholo and Brian repackaged the business and went into voice talent management instead. Thus, the birth of Creativoices Productions in 2005. Pocholo is CEO and managing director, while Brian serves as marketing director. In focusing their efforts on simply recruiting and managing voice talents (instead of owning and operating a high-maintenance cost studio), Creativoices has managed to become the number one provider of prequalified and professional voice artists in the Philippines.

“Before we started Creativoices, we noted that voice talents were being paid differently depending on the job to be undertaken. In short, there were no industry standards to speak of when it came to the pay scale,” Brian relates. “Now, we can establish the standards for the kind of services we offer. Besides, there is a big market for the services we offer.”

Unique One-Stop Shop

What makes Creativoices unique is the fact that the company is the only Philippine-based online voiceover company that delivers voiceovers within 72 hours of an order. A client just has to visit and fill up the necessary forms. The site also features sample voices so that a client can determine the kind of voice he or she needs.
“This has been the in thing in the United States and we are just duplicating this,” Brian explains. “The good thing about this is our overhead costs have lowered substantially. We now affiliate ourselves with studios and make use of them only when necessary.”

Tagged as the best place to shop for professional voice talents, voice casting, and production services, Creativoices’ production team can handle any type of audio requirement. The services they offer include character voices for animation, computer game voiceovers, dubbing, podcasting, commercials, promos, Internet audio marketing services, audio books, multimedia voices, campaign creation, voice mail prompts, public address announcements, and so much more.

“Our talented lineup of field experts is at our client’s disposal, from concepts to application,” Brian explains. “Script writing and original music composition are also available, along with every conceivable sound effect and style of prerecorded background music.”

Since both Pocholo and Brian were already recognized names in the industry even before coming together in Creativoices, the company did not have much problem looking for clients. It is affiliated with the Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines and the Animation Council of the Philippines. Clients include Toei Animation, Star Records, Red Bank Concerts, DDB, Top Peg, and Holy Cow.

BIG Plans

Creativoices is building up its pool of talents so that clients can have a wider selection from which to choose. One of its plans is to offer training programs for budding voice talents. Brian advises, however, that interested talents treat voiceover services only as their second job since the industry works on a per project basis. “Most of the jobs we get are on a per project basis, so it is not advisable for voice talents to depend on these jobs for a living,” Brian said. He points out, though, that “our talents will be paid rates that we ourselves have established.”

Their ultimate goal is to create a council of voiceover talents that will ensure that industry standards are in place. The council will aim to make sure that its members are professionally trained voice talents and that they are justly paid for their services.
Brian reveals that for an announcer-type of project, a talent can get as much as P15,000 for a 30-seconder job. Character voices go for P8,000 for 30 minutes, while a voiceover for a television commercial can go as high as P25,000 for a 30-seconder. Surprisingly, the voice talents who dub the Korean telenovelas that are popular these days are paid only P90 per script (a script covers one episode).

Also in the works is the plan to offer voiceover services in different dialects and the development of a website that will be devoted to voice templates.

“By next year, we will be getting a bigger office space so that we can start offering training programs for voiceover talents,” Brian shares. “There is so much talent in the Philippines and I am confident that the country will become a major supplier of voice talents not only for the region but for other parts of the world as well.”