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Monday, February 27, 2012

VoiceWorx 19 learns form their final recording

Just because it is fun doesn't mean it cannot be serious. Sure, VoiceWorx 19 students had fun but they were also able to feel nervousness as they faced their final recording for their voice acting workshop, February 25. Photobucket Led by Mr. Brian Ligsay, they refreshed the things they learned first. More tips were also given to them so that they would be more prepared not just for the day's challenges but also for the things they would try and pursue as they finish the training. Photobucket Afterwards, they began the final recording wherein they were asked to record the scripts they recorded during the very first meeting. Through this final recording, their improvements since the very first meeting were more obvious. Photobucket And to be more prepared, Mr. Ligsay also gave his comments and criticisms on their performances so they would know their strengths as well as the points that they still have to work on.